Have you always wanted to learn Spanish? Or do you want to improve it? Do you want to learn salsa and bachata? Don’t you really have time or do you keep on pushing it forward?

Then we have something special for you!! One week full of Spanish courses and activities in Spanish, and Salsa courses. In one week you will be drilled to learn a lot of Spanish and Salsa. However, we organise loads of fun activities in Spanish or just in the language you like to speak.

Do you like the following?

  • Spanish language learning
  • salsa courses and (beach)parties
  • tapas, fish and other mouth-watering Spanish food
  • cooking courses
  • Mojitos making workshop
  • city trips, sightseeing
  • sherry region with tasting at the Bodegas
  • making new friends from everywhere around Europe
  • horse riding

Then subscribe now here

For 450 euro (instead of 600 euro), you get 6 nights double room and 7 days full Spanish and Salsa Courses, cultural activities etc. For more infos check the program.


About salsadokter

How to combine a life as salsa dancer and as a general practicioner?

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